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Guidelines for Head and Assistant Coaches


It is assumed Assistant Coaches that volunteer to coach youth lacrosse are conscientious individuals with the best interests of the youth players in mind.  MBGLL does not wish to dicourage their participation or add extra burden to the member programs when assistance is offered.  These guidelines are in place to help protect the players and ensure the appropriate supervision at games.  These guidelines also ensure that opponents can expect a responsible adult to interact with before and after the games.


  1.  Head Coaches
    1. All teams must have an adult Head Coach.
    2. The Head Coach is considered the coach for all purposes of league communication and management.
    3. The Head Coach is responsible for all pre-game communication with officials and opponents as outlined in the Home Team's Responsibilities.
    4. The Head Coach must be part of any pre-game conversation with the officials or the opposing coaches.
    5. It is recommended that the Head Coach is in attendance at all practices and team activities
  2. Assistant Coaches
    1. Assistant Coaches are adults that have been identified by their program and do not have all of the responsibilities of a head coach.
    2. Assistant Coaches may act as a Head Coach if the Head Coach must miss a game or event.
      1. In order to act as a head coach, an assistant must have met the same requirements as the Head Coach.
      2. The officials and opponents must be notified as early as possible of the use of a temporary head coach.
    3. Assistant Coaches are expected to focus on providing guidance to youth players.
      1. Assistant Coaches should refrain from addressing officials.
      2. Assistant Coaches should work through the team's Head Coach to resolve any issues affecting the other team.
    4. Assistant Coaches are to set the best example for the youth players.
      1. Engaging in or encouraging unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated.
      2. Assistant Coaches should try to support and explain the official's calls and avoid contradicting the call on the field.
  3. Minor Assistant Coaches
    1. Minor Assistant Coaches must be supervised by an adult that meets the qualifications as an assistant or head coach.
    2. ​Minor coaches, at a minimum, must complete the following training
      1. ​Positive Coaching  Alliance Double-Goal Coach Online course (one time)
      2. ​Rules Q. and A. (annually)
      3. ​US Lacrosse Level 1 Online course (one time)
      4. Meet state and federal requirements for coaching (Concussion, Safe Sport, CORI)
      5. US Lacrosse membership
      6. Signed a MBGLL Coach's Waiver
  4. Parent HelpersA Parent Helper helps coaches organize team movement. Duties may include communication to parents regarding practice times, helping players focus on the game, getting girls into the substitution box, and perhaps even shagging balls. Parent helpers do not coach the team or lead practices.
    1. Requirements:
      • Have an active US Lacrosse membership throughout the season
      • Complete the SafeSport online training
      • Successfully pass a national background check
      • Successfully pass a CORI check 

    2. Sign a MBGLL Participant Waiver

    3. If helping a team for a second year, the parent helper should complete the Level 1 Online course.