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Sportsmanship and Compliance
Town Requirements


Administrative Requirements

USA Lacrosse membership:  All players, coaches, assistant coaches, and officials must have a valid USA Lacrosse membership during all yearly practices and games in order to participate in MBGLL's league.  Membership must start prior to MBGLL's spring season.  Membership expiration dates should be set on or after the season.  Town administrators are responsible for ensuring that nobody misses this requirement within their town.  

MBGLL requires all member towns to use an electronic registration system that automatically verifies USA Lacrosse membership before a player or coach is able to register for a team.  MBGLL has chosen League Athletics for our entire league.  Towns must link their own League Athletics account with MBGLL's.  Look on mbgll.org under "Blogs an Technology" for instructions on how to do this.

MBGLL Registration

All coaches, assistant coaches, parent helpers, and players need to register on mbgll.org prior to the start of each season.  These lists create team rosters and collect waiver signatures.  In some cases, this may trigger a bulk USA Lacrosse membership registration (for an additional fee), as determined by each member town's program leader.

Coaches' Cards

Town administrators must ensure that all coaches, assistat coaches, and parent helpers have fullfilled their training and administrative requirements.  Once this is done, coaches' cards will be sent to the town administrator to distribute.  Coaches' cards should be worn at games and practices.


State/Federal Requirements

Town administrators must ensure that all coaches complete the following state and federal requirements.

  • CORI check
  • Abuse Training - included requirement with US Lacrosse membership
  • National Background check - included requirement with USA Lacrosse membership
  • Concussion Training (free, online)



Invitations will indicate in-person or virtual attendance.

Annual Meeting - optional.  This is where any required voting takes place and is an interactive meeting.  

Required Meetings -  Each town must have a least one representative at the following meetings to remain in good standing.  Town representation is crucial for the smooth running of the league.

  • Division Meeting in Fall (virtual or in-person)
  • Scheduling Requirements
    • Submit fields
    • Submit special scheduling requests prior to Jan. 14.
    • Review schedule (Each town has the opportunity to review drafts before the schedule is finalized.)
    • Submit Coach and Player Rosters
  • Mid-season division conference call (check in to review how the season is going)
  • End of Season Wrap-Up Meeting
  • Monthly program leader check-ins (optional, virtual) 

Gold-Star Program Status

In order for your town to be featured as a Gold-Star Program, town administrators must ensure to follow all regulations and ave no town infractions for unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players, fans, or town leagues.  Please proudly register your town as a gold-star program on mbgll.org.


Towns are asked to volunteer and fulfill their duty in the league in order to participate in MBGLL.  A list of volunteer positions is located on www.mbgll.org.



For every 5 teams entered into MBGLL, towns must have access to one field from 12p to 6p on Sunday afternoons during the spring season.  If you do not have access to a field during this time, you have a couple of options:

1.  Play your home games at your opponent's location.

2.  Ask your opponents to play games at your field when it is available.  If a change is mutually agreed upon by both programs, MBGLL will happily update the system upon request.