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MBGLL Board Volunteer Positions
revised 9.4.13

Technology Director

The Technology Director shall:

  • Assist with maintaining MBGLL’s web site
  • Run analytics on the schedule
  • Make sure that MBGLL’s game scheduling tool synchs with the umpire scheduling tool
  • Review technology used and evaluate new software/hardware when necessary
  • Assist with the technology aspects of webinars and phone conferences
  • Help with the Jamboree (minimum ½ a day)
  • Attend MBGLL’s Annual and Wrap-Up Meetings
  • Attend monthly board meetings (via phone conference), if necessary
  • Note:  This position will require many hours (most likely) starting at the end of February to the start of the season in order to ensure that the systems are syncing properly with the schedules

Treasurer’s Position
The Treasurer shall:


  • Reconcile bank account(s) on a monthly basis
  • Provide accounting firm with required information to complete annual taxes
  • Write checks as required
  • Provide financial reporting for board meetings
  • Help with the Jamboree (minimum of one day)
  • Attend MBGLL board meetings (can be done by phone)
  • Attend MBGLL’s Annual meeting, Wrap-Up meeting

Scheduling Director

The Scheduling Director shall…


  • Create MBGLL’s Spring League schedule
  • Create MBGLL’s Jamboree schedule
  • Act as the main liaison between MBGLL and scheduling tool with regards to updates/improvements that we require for scheduling.
  • Train Deputy Scheduling Director
  • Coordinate scheduling issues with division directors
  • Answer scheduling questions from our members
  • Attend MBGLL board meetings (can be done by phone)
  • Attend MBGLL’s Annual meeting
  • Help at Jamboree (minimum of half a day)

Rules, Director

The Rules Director is responsible for nurturing all behaviors related to this position. 
This Rules Director will…

  • Respond to member inquires within 24 hours, even if it is to simply say that you are working on a reply and will be in touch shortly.
  • Ask for assistance from EMWLUA or US Lacrosse if you are not certain of a rule.
  • Maintain AskTheUmpire blog.
  • Answer rules related questions that are received via e-mail or blogs.
  • Act as liaison between MBGLL’s members and EMWLUA with regards to rules related questions.
  • Assist with rules meetings and training, as needed.
  • Remain unbiased when answering rules.
  • Refrain from giving an opinion on what is right and instead guide by the rulebook.

Sportsmanship and Compliance Director

The Sportsmanship and Compliance  Director is responsible for nurturing all behaviors related to this position. 
This Sportsmanship and Compliance Director will…


  • Investigate all incidents in an unbiased, even-tempered manner consistent with the spirit of MBGLL’s board.
  • Recuse adjudication of any incidents that pertain to this director’s town.
  • Update Incident Log weekly on MBGLL’s board site.
  • Keep information regarding incidents confidential.


  • Administer the Sportsmanship and Compliance program.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship through blogs and e-mails.

Board Duties

  • Manage grade waiver process in conjunction with the division directors.
  • Attend monthly board meetings (may be done via phone conferencing)
  • Attend annual meeting.
  • Volunteer at jamboree(s) for all days

Division Director Position
The Division Director shall:

  • Uphold MBGLL’s mission and lead by example
  • Act as liaison between towns in the division and MBGLL’s board
  • Facilitate communication between towns in the division
  • Coordinate 3 meetings (October, late-January, mid-March)
  • Coordinate mid-season check-in phone call
  • Assist towns with updating MBGLL-specified technology with all contacts/coaches/field information etc. (with help from the technology director)
  • Oversee compliance for division (with help from the compliance lead)
  • Review schedule prior to release
  • Approve game change requests and update League Athletics with changes (may have help from deputy scheduler)
  • Help at the Jamboree (minimum one day)
  • Attend MBGLL board meetings (mostly virtual, typically 1st Monday of the month; 2 or 3 in-person meetings throughout the year)
  • Attend MBGLL Annual Meeting, Wrap-Up Meeting

Deputy Scheduling Director

The Deputy Scheduling Director shall…

  • Learn all aspects of the Scheduling Director’s job
  • Assist with creating MBGLL’s Spring League schedule, as requested by the Scheduling Director
  • Assist with creating MBGLL’s Jamboree schedule, as requested by the Scheduling Director
  • Attend MBGLL/SportsManager planning meetings
  • Attend MBGLL board meetings (can be done by phone)
  • Attend MBGLL’s Annual Meeting, Wrap-Up Meeting
  • Help at Jamboree (minimum of half a day)


The Clerk/Secretary shall…

  • Take notes at every MBGLL board meeting and submit them to the Executive Director for review
  • Help at the Jamboree (one day minimum)
  • Attend all MBGLL board meetings (can be done by phone)
  • Attend MBGLL’s Annual Meeting, Wrap-Up Meeting
  • Update Board's web site with compliance information