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Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard


When you are traveling, please remember that you are ambassadors for MBGLL.


Trip Planning


Seven days prior to game day, e-mail Martha’s Vineyard’s program director, Jared Meader, at girlsprogramdirector@mvyouthlacrosse.com.


Please inform Jared of the following:


1) Confirmation of the game schedule

2) Number of players, coaches, and spectators who are planning to make the trip so that she may schedule the transfer bus accordingly

3) Number of spectators that have handicap disabilities

4) What your team would like to do for lunch (see below)



Please contact the Steamship Authority to confirm the details for your team’s travel arrangements and to obtain your group authorization voucher. YOU NEED A GROUP AUTHORIZATION VOUCHER IN ORDER TO TRAVEL AT THE DISCOUNTED RATE!


Driving directions and parking suggestions are found on the Steamship Authority’s website. www.steamshipauthority.com Please note that you will park your car in a satellite lot (Palmer) and a shuttle bus will take the team to the ferry. Your team should plan to arrive and check in a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your ferry’s departure. Your ferry trip will take approximately 45 minutes.


When your team arrives at the ferry, one team representative should present your group authorization voucher and pay for all of the discounted tickets at one time. The youth sports rates are as follows:


Martha’s Vineyard Conventional Boat Rates 2019


Round Trip



Spectators (10 or more)

$14.00 (adults)

$7.50 (child 5-12 yrs.)

Note: Parking is typically $20 per car.


Steamship Authority


MBGLL’s contact is Pat at group sales (508) 548-5011 x244


Transfers to the field

Once you arrive on Martha’s Vineyard, a bus will transfer your team to the field.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get from the ferry terminal to the field.


Please note that Martha’s Vineyard is very flexible. If you would like to adjust the start time of the games to accommodate your ferry schedule, then please feel free to ask if this is possible.


Handicap Accessible

If you are traveling with someone who has special mobility requirements, please email Martha’s Vineyard’s president, Jared Meader at girlsprogramdirector@mvyouthlacrosse.com

to coordinate the on-island logistics. Also, please note that the Steamship Authority’s ferries are handicap accessible. No handicapped bathroom facilities are available at the field.


Questionable weather?

For questionable weather inquiries, call Martha’s Vineyard’s head coach, Bob Hayman at 203-856-7891.


How should the team dress?

Please remember that temperatures on Martha’s Vineyard are frequently cooler than on the mainland. Also, the weather can change quickly on the island. So, please make sure that parents and players bring multiple layers of clothing to ensure comfortable dress as the day and weather progresses.


Field Facilities

There are port-o-potties at the field. Please note that no handicapped bathroom facilities are available at the field.


There is also a concession stand at the field that sells small snacks (not lunch, other than pizza slices).


How should my team get reimbursed for expenses?

The head coach of each team should submit an expense reimbursement form (see below attachment) and receipts to their division director for the cost of pre-arranged, group-rate ferry tickets. MBGLL will only reimburse Group Rate Ferry Tickets and parking expenses for team coaches.   Go to mgll.org and click on "Documents" "2018-2019" "Reimbursement Request 2019."


How should an umpire submit for reimbursement?
MBGLL will reimburse umpires for round-trip travel to the island at our negotiated rate. In order to receive this rate, you must coordinate with the traveling team and travel round-trip with them. MBGLL will also reimburse for your parking expense (approximately $20). Please submit the reimbursement form (found above) and receipts to MBGLL, P.O. Box 980, Groton MA 01450.

Martha’s Vineyard Contacts 

Jared Meader girlsprogramdirector@mvyouthlacrosse.com


If some families would like to make a weekend of it, are discounted tickets available for the ferry?

All players, coaches, and spectators must travel together to obtain the discounted rates.


Where would you recommend that families stay if they want to stay on the island for the weekend?

Martha’s Vineyard is a wonderful place to visit. For travel accommodations and island information, please contact Martha’s Vineyard’s Chamber of Commerce at http://www.mvy.com. MBGLL has not made any special accommodations for overnight stays.