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What is a Path Back to Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League and US Lacrosse?

Over the years, town programs have tried joining different leagues.  Perhaps the promises of a greener pasture haven’t come to fruition and you are looking for options.  Perhaps you want to enjoy the support of a non-profit league that welcomes your input and encourages you to help shape the organization’s direction.  Or perhaps you really want to help steward the game of lacrosse by joining an organization that is aligned with US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse.  And maybe you are interested in joining a league where all member programs have pledged to maintain the same, high-standards of excellence for players and coaches.  Whatever your reasons, please know that both MBGLL and US Lacrosse welcome your return.

What are the first steps to returning? 


  • Please reach out to any of MBGLL’s board members or Executive Director and initiate a conversation.  MBGLL Contact information for each is found on mbgll.org.  We will welcome you and help guide you through the process.  This is an important first step so that we may add you to our communication distribution list.  That way you will receive updates on the upcoming season.
  • Please go to mbgll.org and “join our mailing list.”  This will generate an account for you when we send league-wide emails.
  • We also post a lot of information on Facebook.  Please follow our page for updates, coaching tips, events, and other great information.  Please note that we don’t always email items posted on Facebook.

My Town Borders An Existing MBGLL Program

If you town borders another MBGLL program, the transition will be easy.  Simply register your teams for the next season.

My Town is Two (2) or More Towns Away From An Existing MBGLL Program

If your town does not border a current MBGLL program, you are still welcome.  We have a couple of options to consider: 

  • If you are able to recruit six (6) to eight (8) other programs/teams at the same level near you, MBGLL can easily create a customized schedule amongst your programs to minimize travel. 
  • If you are not able to recruit other programs/teams, then MBGLL will speak with other towns to see if they will agree to travel to your home field for a game.  If the travel distance isn’t too far, we are sure that towns will accommodate the request.
    1. If no towns are willing to drive to you, MBGLL can definitely schedule away games so that your players are able to participate in lacrosse with MBGLL. 
    2. Once consecutive towns join MBGLL, we will work to more evenly balance your home and away games.
    3. In this scenario, MBGLL’s division directors and/or other board members will work closely with you to determine the best path for your program to return to MBGLL.

No matter what path your program takes, please know that MBGLL will try its best to make your transition as easy as possible.  MBGLL, and US Lacrosse, welcome the return of your town programs.