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Program Leader Portal Instructions



  1. Log into your USLacrosse account and ensure that you have your current log in credentials
    1. Your user ID is now the email that is associated with your account
    2. You may need to reset your password if you have not logged in since July 2020
  2. Please pull a list of your players and/or coaches’ US Lacrosse IDs
    1. Pull your roster from your registrations or last season’s registration
    2. Or, request a roster report from your RM
  3. Have US Lacrosse URL and user guide available


  1. Open up your browser and go to the URL- Https://leaguemanagement.uslacrosse.org/
  2. Log in with your USL Username and password
  3. Identify if you are a league or a (league member) program
  4. Type in your Group Name into filter League or Program box
  5. Select this is my league or program
    1. If not listed select the My program is not listed. At the bottom of the page
  6. Identify whether or not you wish to utilize the full League Management System (LMS) or Program Leader features only.  For this demo select No, I only need basic Program Leader Features.
  7. Review the US Lacrosse Benefit Agreement which outlines our privacy agreement and your commitment to safeguard the data you are working with.  Check the box indicating your acceptance of the agreement.
  8. Click on the Create My Website button, this will create your unique URL which you will want to bookmark for future use. 
  9. You will be asked to log in again, use your same US Lacrosse username and password.  You will always go to this URL to log in, not uslacrosse.org moving forward.
  10. Once you are logged into your new personal portal you will be on your dashboard listing your seasons 
    1.  Add a season by clicking the Add Season button
    2. Here is where you will enter the date that your participation will commence and the last day of any organized activities.  This is important as all memberships must be current through the last day of your season to ensure that your insurance is valid.
  11. Next step will be to load your current list of player and/or coach rosters to the season. ( we are going to focus on coaches for the purposes of this demo, but it is essentially the same process for players
    1. Navigate to the season that you just created (Browse Seasons) and Click on Coaches, Manage Coaches in the box on the far right.
    2. Click on Add Coaches in the bottom right corner of the screen
    3. Then you have two options for adding coaches
      1. Individually
        1. Click on the Add Member Button and a box will pop up in which you will fill in the member ID for the coach
        2. Click Submit Blue button
        3. View coach information and ensure that this is the correct number for that coach
        4. Click on Check Coaches- Dark blue button on the bottom
        5. Click on Register Coaches – Grey button this will save the upload and add the coach to your current season roster and make these individuals available in a downloadable format
      2. Bulk Upload
        1. Download the Bulk Load Import Template, far right button
        2. Copy and past your list of US Lacrosse ID numbers and save file as a .csv
        3. Click on the Choose File button, Find your file that you just saved, select and click open
        4. Your data should appear
        5. Click on Check Coaches- Dark blue button on the bottom
        6. Click on Register Coaches – Grey button this will save the upload and add the coach to your current season roster and make these individuals available in a downloadable format

Your current view allows you to filter by Background Check Status, SafeSport Training, Game Type and Level 1 Training completion by either clicking on the column header or selecting from the dropdown above.

You can then export your view to an excel file to manipulate your data further.




  1. Did you go to your new url to access the portal? Don’t forget you have your own custom URL and it is not on uslacrosse.org
  2. Why isn’t my file uploading?
    1. Did you save as a CSV file?
    2. You do not have to enter the preceding zeros for everyone’s USL numbers.
  3. How do I add additional Users/Administrators?
    1. Go to hamburger menu on top left, pull down
    2. Click on Administrators
    3. Add Administrator
    4. Type in First Name, Last Name, their email that is associated with their US Lacrosse account.
      1. If this a new volunteer that is not known to US Lacrosse, then you can enter a password of your choosing, and make sure that they use that when they log in.
      2. If the new administrator is known to US Lacrosse they will utilize their existing US Lacrosse password when they log in. You do not need to know their USL password, but you do need to enter a password of your choosing at this stage.  They will override that password when they log in for the first time.
  4. Why don’t I see all the coaches on the roster that I just uploaded?
    1. The US Lacrosse ID is not accurate
    2. The coach is not an adult – the case then they will need to be uploaded as a player and the individual junior coach will need to log into their US Lacrosse account and download their transcript or print out completion certificates.
    3. The coach is not identified as coach in our database- the coach will need to call or email the Member Experience team and request that their participation include Coach.


Member Support available:


Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm

410-235-6882, ext. #102