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2020 MBGLL Select Championship Games

June 12, 2020

MBGLL's Select Championship Games will kick off the Jamboree Weekend on Friday night!  The top four U13 and U15 teams will compete in playoff games, with the two winners advancing to the final MBGLL Select Championship games.  These exciting games showcase great lacrosse! 

Teams qualify throughout the season based on the number of games won and scores against.  You can see the standings on mbgll.org throughout the season.  All are invied to attend! 

We still keep true to our mission by giving all participants a MBGLL Select Championship Games give-away.  Winners earn a trophy. 



25 minute halves, running time

10 minute half time

Play by MBGLL Select season rules.

Braveheart play will determine any tie at the end of regulation play.


Date:  June 12, 2020

U13 Playoff Games:  5:30-6:30p (grass fields)

U15 Playoff Games:  6:30-7:30p (grass fields)

U13 Championship Final:  7-8p (stadium turf)

U15 Championship Final:  8-9p (stadium turf)


 Good luck MBGLL Select Teams!