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MBGLL Jamboree — Coaches' Notes

June 16-17, 2018


Location - Chelmsford High School, Graniteville Road, Chelmsford MA 01863

Arrive Early — Please have your team arrive at least 40 minutes before your first game to allow time to park, register, find each other, set up your tents and other equipment, and get to your field.

Registration – Only coaches need to register at the Registration Tent.  Plan to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game in case there are lines.  NEW THIS YEAR:  Please turn in your team roster and participant waivers.  (See below for the links to these documents.)  When checking in, don't forget to pick up your team give-aways as a remembrance from the festival.

Schedule – Please double-check your game schedule when you register your team (the day of the jamboree) to confirm your playing times and fields in case there were any last-minute changes. Teams play 3 or 4 games during a session.‚Äč

Message Board – We will have a message board at the registration tent.  If your team is short players, please put your team name down on the board.  That way, if girls are looking to pick up extra games, they can simply show up at your field and help you out. 

Communication - MBGLL will post on MBGLL's Facebook page if we need to get a message out to everyone during the day.  Please make sure to have your notifications set to receive any Facebook updates.

Team Village – There is a designated team/food/retail vendor area at the facility.  (See the field map.)  All tents must be set up in this area to generate a festival atmosphere.  This area was selected to keep players away from busy roads. Because of safety concerns, we ask that you not use grills at the facility.  Also, please ensure that any pop-up tents have an attached, flame-retardant tag.  Note:  It gets breezy at these fields so please bring heavy-duty stakes to secure your tents.

Parking – There is plenty of parking.  Please look at the site map prior to arriving to see available parking lots.  Please do not park illegally, as the police will ticket and tow violators.  Handicap parking is available in the Official’s parking lot.  Please note that we are running shuttle buses from the parking lots to the fields and Team Village.  Parking in front of cones or in handicapped parkinging without a sticker is prohibited.

Shuttle Buses - Two shuttle buses will run continuously throughout the day to assist teams and families in getting from one place to another.  Please check the field map for bus stops.  (You may still walk to different parts of the complex as well.)  Please allow teams to board the busses first to ensure that they get to their games on time.  There is no need to worry.  Buses run continuously so parents and fans can hop on the next one a few minutes later.

First Aid Personnel — MBGLL will have first aid personnel on-site.    If you have a medical emergency on a field, please go to the nearest Field Monitor Station.  All field monitors have walkie talkies and are able to call the nurse or EMT immediately.  The nurse/EMT are stationed at the registration tent.

Participant/Medical Releases - Coaches, please remember to bring participant releases for your players and present them upon check-in.  If an injury occurrs and a payer's parent is not there, and if you do not have a release, the player will most likely be sent to the hospital, via ambulance, to get checked out.  This may happen for minor injuries so please make sure to bring with you a participant release for every player.  Click the link for the Participant Release. http://mbgll.org/Documents.asp?n=43043&org=MBGLL.ORG

Team Rosters - Coaches must submit their team rosters when checking in.  Click the link for the Team Roster Form.  http://mbgll.org/Documents.asp?n=43043&org=MBGLL.ORG 

Field Monitor Positions – Field monitors are strategically posted throughout the site under tents with “Field Monitor” banners.  Field monitors have a game and horn schedule as well as a field map.  Field monitors also have a walkie-talkie.  If there is an injury requiring medical attention, please either go to the closest field monitor station or to the registration tent.  The field monitor will radio the nurse/EMT, who will immediately report to your site. 


Sportsmanship – If you are in the middle of the game and are questioning the sportsmanship around you, please send a representative to the nearest field monitor tent to ask for a Sportsmanship Ambassador to come watch the remainder of your game. 

Respect your Opponents — If you see that your team is dominating a game, please demonstrate the sportsmanship that MBGLL represents by not running up the score.  Scores should be kept within a 4-point differential.  Some ways to keep the play even are to switch to many passes before shooting or play with non-dominant hands at the top of the sticks.

Honor the Game – Please read this document regarding honoring the game and share it with your parents and players.  As a reminder, spectators are to sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams.  Spectators are asked to only participate in positive cheering from the sidelines.  For more information, Honor the Game is located on www.mbgll.orghttp://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=37465&org=mbgll.org

Respect our Hosts — We would like to use these facilities again, so please behave in a way that makes it easy for us to do so.  Please stay off of the baseball in-fields to ensure that we don’t damage those fields.  The site has requested that we not strike any ball into fences.  Also, please pick up all trash before leaving a field or your tent area. Many hands mean little work for us all.  Thank you.

Language– This is a rated “G” event.  Please use “G” rated language only, as there are young athletes and families on-site. 


Support our Sponsors and Vendors — US Lacrosse is our premier sponsor for this event and our year-round operations.  Dick's Sporting Goods is our year-long sponsor and will attend our Jamboree.  Our sponsors and vendors have contributed significantly to making MBGLL’s Jamboree a success.  Please support them and visit their booths in the Vendor Village.  Vendors for Saturday and Sunday:  Northwest Designs, Dick's Sporting Goods, CHill-life, MVPwear, JANT girl, SporTobin, OTC Lacrosse, Bouche Design.


T-Shirts - MBGLL again partnered with Northwest Designs to sell event apparel.  Please visit their booth to get yours.

Food - This year we are bringing in several different food trucks.  Please support our food vendors and visit their trucks in the Vendor Village.  Food vendors Saturday and SundayTrolley Dogs, Kona Ice, SAY Cheese (Sunday only), Chik Chak Food Truck, Hickory Stix BBQ, Shishkaberrys, George's Ice Cream Truck.


No-Shows/Forfeits — If you are short players we will have no problem finding girls willing to join your team for a game or two...it's part of the Jamboree spirit! (We have a message board at the registration tent for just this purpose.)  Please contact the site coordinators if you find yourself in this position. If you "no-show," MBGLL will not invite your team back to a Jamboree for a long, long time...

2018 Jamboree Cancellation Policy - Space is limited at MBGLL’s Jamboree.  Therefore, MBGLL charges a $50, $100, or 100% per team cancellation fee to cover administrative costs if a team wishes to withdraw from the Jamboree after having registered.  Please know that MBGLL is willing to work with a team to change a time slot to avoid the necessity of a cancellation.  No refunds are issued within two weeks prior to the jamboree.

Threatening Weather — MBGLL’s Jamboree will take place unless the weather is REALLY bad or playing will damage the fields. Check this website for the latest schedule information in case of bad weather. It will have up-to-the minute information. Please don't call the site managers...with approximately 300 teams and almost 5,000 girls playing, they are not able to handle the load.


Team Assignments — We all need to pitch in with "chores" like trash pickup, parking management, etc. We request that every team clean the fields up after each game and especially if you are playing during the last time slot of the day.  Garbage bags are available at the registration tent if you need them and there are plenty of trash cans throughout the field complex.  Please pay special attention to all of those water bottles.

Game Times — Games will start and stop on a central horn, so please arrive at the field ready to play. Not being ready means you play shorter games. Each team will play at least three games...a few will play four games if we have an odd number of teams in an age group.

Game Duration — Teams will play 19-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime. This will leave 5 minutes between games. Only a handful of teams have any back-to-back games...you will have to hurry to get to the different fields!

Team Sizes — U13 and U15 will play 12v12. U9 and U11 teams will play 7 v 7 with an optional goalie.   

Coaching – No coaches are permitted on the field at any league level.  (Coaches are to stay in the coaching area.)  Only one coach is to communicate with the girls on the field.  The girls have had plenty of time to practice over the season.  Now they get to show off their skills.

Officials — You do not need to pay officials...MBGLL will pay them directly. Please remember to respect your official.  If you have an issue during the game with an official, please send a representative to the nearest Field Monitor station and request a senior official to come watch the remainder of the game.


Pets – You may bring pets to the site.  Please carry plastic bags with you to clean up after your pets.  We don’t want our players to step in any surprises with their cleats.  All pets must remain on leash at all times while on-site.  Pets are not permitted on turf fields.

Turf - Turf fields are amazing because you can play on them in all kinds of weather.  Please note that only water is permitted on the turf fields - no sports drinks or snacks.

Smoking/Alcohol – No smoking or alcohol is permitted on the premises.


Other Helpful Hints – Sometimes the tent area is quite a distance from the parking area.  If you have a lot of equipment to transport to this area, we suggest that you bring a wagon or wheelbarrow.  MBGLL will not loan out its golf cart to teams to transport equipment.

Running water is available in the bathrooms (in case you run out).  However, the bathrooms are small.  Please bring plenty of liquid for your teams. 

There is frequently a breeze at the fields.  Please make sure that your players bring plenty of layered clothing to keep up with the changing climate. 

Questions? — If you have a question, please send an e-mail to  .  On Saturday/Sunday, Jamboree on-site staff will reside at the Registration tent. Look for them if you have questions or need help.


Have a fantastic Jamboree experience!