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Emergency Action Plan

It is the recommendation of US Lacrosse that all leagues, organizations, facilities, teams, and coaches develop an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes management of adverse weather conditions such as lightning, as well as other emergencies that may arise. Circumstances differ at different levels of lacrosse in terms of medical support, proximity to help, and training of those in charge, but at all levels an emergency action plan is valuable to the management and outcome of many types of emergencies.

Below is an outline that can be used to develop and provide this information on site.

  1. Designate someone in charge of management of an emergency.
  2. Ideally an adult with a minimum of basic first aid training should be on site.
  3. Ideally, at a minimum basic first aid kit with materials to clean, cover, or immobilize an injured body part should be on site.
  4. Make sure cell phone access is available for 911 calls. If not, have a back-up plan for contacting emergency need. Have needed emergency numbers on site.
  5. Ideally at the youth level, more than one adult should be present to deal with the emergency and the other team members.
    1. Number of Emergency service if not 911 __________________
    2. Number of first person to begin emergency chain __________________
    3. Number of back-up person to call if needed ____________________
  6. Ideally at the youth level, a phone chain should be established to notify parents of appropriate situation.
  7. Know where the closest emergency care is located and how to give directions to emergency personnel, if necessary.
  8. Make sure gates are open and access to field and athlete are not blocked.
  9. Person in charge must control the scene and initiate the above plan of action.